Narrow Wooden Bar Stool in Oak

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This stunning streamlined wooden bar stool is handcrafted from oak and features a thick but smaller round seat designed for those in a small living space and/or have narrower counter top space. It can also be used as a plant or sculpture stand. If you require a seat larger in diameter, I can easily do so upon request.

Stool legs are 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 30" high (typical bar height). Seat is 11” x 1 1/4” thick. Slats are 1 3/4” wide. Impeccably made, this is a very solid and sturdy stool with a cross bar added in the middle for extra support. I take great pride in my work, so all of my pieces are made by hand with the highest attention to detail and finishing. I guarantee it! Handmade in Canada.

This stool does not have any varnish or finish for those who prefer to receive it this way. However, as I typically do add a finish, if you would like varnish added or stain and varnish, please let me know.