Oval Wood Pencil Holder in Movingui, Walnut and Wenge

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This oval pencil holder is a bold eye-catching design, and takes up less desk space while still holding as many pens and pencils. My love of exotic woods is displayed here with two bands of exotic woods Movingui (yellow) and Wenge (dark brown), over top and bottom of a wider band of solid Walnut. Makes a very chic desk accessory for women and men, with matching desk accessories in my shop.

Sturdy and durable, I handcraft this stunning pencil holder using only the highest quality of woods in their natural state, with no stain added. I also finish with a water based varnish to seal and protect. It is flawless! 5” long x 3” wide x 4.5” h. Handmade in Canada.


Long 5" 
Wide 3"
High 4" 1/2

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