Wooden Floating Nightstand with Drawer in Plantation Teak

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These thin but incredibly sturdy floating nightstands are perfect when you have limited floor space in your bedroom. Yes, there is a drawer inside this nightstand, high enough (1 1/4”) to hold your cell phone, iPad, notebook, pens and other small items. By keeping the table thin, not only is the look very sleek and minimalist, but it creates space underneath for additional storage. Beautifully handcrafted from Plantation teak (an eco-friendly tropical hardwood) with a teak oil finish to seal and protect.

I take great pride in my work, so all of my pieces are made by hand with the highest attention to detail and finishing. These nightstands are entirely 100% wood, even the drawer sliding mechanism. Measures 23" wide x 17” deep. It is 2" high with a 3" lip where it meets the wall. Super easy to install with all hardware and installation instructions included. Option to buy as a set or individually. Handmade in Canada.

  • Has a 1 1/4" drawer
  • 100% Plantation Teak
  • 23" wide x 17" deep x 2" high
  • Hardware and installation instructions included.